Ski rental in Budapest

Rent your ski from a professional ski rental and service

General information for ski and snowboard beginners.

Approximately one week before travelling, you should come to our ski rental, where we choose together your personally customized and suitable ski equipment.  

The first step is choosing the ski boots (snowboard boots). Sometimes you have to try on 10-12 ski boots, until you find the perfect fit, which keeps your feet stable but don't apply pressure on them. This needs time.

Next, you have to choose proper skis and snowboard, according to your skills. Then we adjust the buckle ("tie"). People with average physique need skis (or snowboards), which reaches their chin (when they stand up). As a beginner snowboarder, you have to think about which one of your legs will be ahead.

síkölcsönző Buda

After this, you need to fill the ski rental ticket and pay the first part of the deposit. We will give the chosen ski equipment a number and save it. We won't save ski sticks at this point, but we will attach to the ticket a suitable ski stick size according to your height.

Right before travelling, you have to show up at our ski rental again for your ski equipment. You will need the ski rental ticket too, so we can track it by the number. You also have to pay the remaining part of the deposit and the rental price.

We have to take care of the whole ski equipment like it belongs to us! The basics of using the ski and the snowboard:

- It is only allowed to use them on snow, and try to avoid rocks or metal fence on the ski slope

- You need to dry the equipment every day (wipe off snow and humidity)

- It is not allowed to store the equipment outdoors (on one hand it makes it easier to steal them, on the other hand it can seriously cause damage to the skis)

- You have to take the equipment back to the ski rental clean

- In case we cause any damage in the equipment, tell it to the ski rental worker, who will either way check the skis and snowboards surface properly

We have to take the financial consequences of the non-proper usage. This usually means reducing the deposit, as long as it is enough for the necessary ski service (don't forget, that you would pay it either way, for your own ski equipment too in this situation).

When taking it back, you need a copy of the ski rental ticket, or at least remember the number! This will significantly make the process faster. This is when you get back your deposit too.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our workers will help you with anything. Ski service or ski rental? Go to Ski rental Buda ski shop! Contact us!