One of the best ski rental prices:

In the 2016/2017 ski season, our ski rental is open from December to March. You can rent constantly maintained ski equipment and ski components for good quality. Our ski rental prices has a great value for money in the domestic market.  Our ski equipment and snowboards are always perfectly prepared, our experts provide every customer's smile! Ski rental is not a one-time business, our goal is to welcome you back year by year in our ski rental in Buda. Are you thinking of ski rental or purchase? You can rent your ski and then buy it: used skis shopping.

Why go somewhere else? You won't get this much joy and expertise anywhere else! Check out our ski rental. Ski rental at our Síkölcsönző Buda ski shop, which is 100 meters far from Széna tér, in Budapest, and has easy parking options. We welcome everyone who wants to choose from our selection, for a reasonable price!

1 day weekend 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 9 days other days deposit
 adult equipment 
advanced 4.500Ft  6.000Ft 8.000Ft 9.000Ft 10.000Ft 11.500Ft 13.000Ft 13.500Ft 1.000Ft 10.000Ft
 adult skis  
advanced 3.500Ft 4.500Ft 6.000Ft 6.500Ft 7.000Ft 8.000Ft 9.000Ft 9.500Ft 1.000Ft 10.000Ft
adult shoes 1.500Ft 2.000Ft 2.500Ft 3.000Ft 3.500Ft 4.000Ft 4.800Ft 5.000Ft 500Ft 5.000Ft
children equipment 3.000Ft 4.500Ft 5.500Ft 6.500Ft 7.000Ft 8.000Ft 9.000Ft 9.000Ft 500Ft 10.000Ft
children skis 2.500Ft 3.500Ft 4.000Ft 5.000Ft 5.000Ft 5.500Ft 6.500Ft 6.500Ft 500Ft 10.000Ft
 children shoes 1.000Ft 1.500Ft 2.000Ft 2.500Ft 3.000Ft 3.500Ft 4.000Ft 4.000Ft 500Ft 5.000Ft
 sticks, helmet, glasses  1.500Ft 1.500Ft 2.000Ft 2.500Ft 3.000Ft 3.500Ft 3.500Ft 3.500Ft  500Ft 5.000Ft*
 ice skates  1.000Ft 2.000Ft 3.000Ft 4.000Ft 5.000Ft 6.000Ft 7.000Ft 8.000Ft  1.000Ft 5.000Ft

*: only for ski sticks