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Ski rental and service Budapest

Ski rental in Budapest

Our professional ski rental with great atmosphere can be be found in Buda, directly near to Széna tér. Our experts are always happy and ready to help. Check in before you go skiing! Don't hold your question, ask us: +36-1-214 8814

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Ski renting as the preferred solution! 

Rent skis from us in the season of 2016/2017! Last year we have satisfied hundreds of skiers! 

In our ski rental in Budapest, we welcome you with even more skis and snowboards to rent in the 2016/2017 ski season. Besides ski rental, we still provide a professional ski service, where we offer you warranty. After the ski rental and service, we have a ski shop, which was succesful in the last ski season too. Here, you could and can buy used, highly maintained skis.  

The Ski rental Buda is in Budapest, near to Széna tér, in Hattyú utca. We have a wide range of adult and children skis, ski boots and snowboards to rent for a reasonable price. Each and every skis and ski equipment is made professionally in our ski service, so it will make skiing carefree. We have a ski service next to our ski rental. In the ski rental you can also buy highly maintained skis for an affordable price.


Ski rental at Síkölcsönző Buda ski shop and ski service in Budapest

Our ski rental has provided a wide range of ski equipment for adults and children for years. Everyone will find the perfect fit for their skiing skills from our premium and advanced skis. We have a wide range of ski boots and skis for children! Síkölcsönző Budapesten information here

Ski rental is not only a great solution for beginners, but also the skiers with professional skills, who would like to try the newest models, year by year. Professional advice is essential, because it is really important for beginners to start to learn  skiing with the best skis for them, so with improving their skills, they can switch to more serious, faster skis. It is worthy to try and learn skiing in plastic domestic or normal ski runs, and take ski education courses, because correcting a badly learnt or used movement can be a lot of work. 


síkölcsönző Buda

Is it worth it to rent skis?

Yes, most of all for those, who only go skiing once or twice a year. And especially for children who are still growing, it is also good to use ski rental, because they can grow so much in one year that you have to give the last year's ski equipment to someone else. We recommend ski rental for one more group of skiers, who like to try new things.

It is worthy to choose a ski equipment before travelling. One more big reason for our ski rental: it is much cheaper to rent skis here, than abroad. In ski rentals, we can get the equipment for around 2000-4000 HUF per day, or we can have a discount if we are in a group. When it comes to ski rental, it is really important to take some time to choose, because afterwards we won't have the chance to take back and change the uncomfortable ski boots. (For adjusting the strength of the buckle, we will need the exact body weight, which will save you from a lot of problems)



Why rent skis? 

    You can always use perfectly serviced skis

    You can have expert advice on how to choose the perfect skis for your skiing skills

    You can save a lot of money, if you choose rental!

    Children in grow will need a new one every year 

    As your skiing skills improve, you should buy new skis every year

 Síkölcsönző Bda

   Why rent skis from us? 

    You can really rent for affordable prices! 

    We have a wide range of skis in our ski shop!

    We are experts and will give you the best!

    You can always rent perfect skis

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When the snow is gone, we operate as a bicycle shop. We have a wide range of bicycles, with full service guarantee.

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